Vermilion River Watershed Alliance

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Management Plans

Vermilion River Watershed Management Plan 2012

VRW Restoration & Enhancement Project 2015-2018

Individual Landowner Application - due March 1, 2016

  1. Introduction
  2. Definitions
  3. Eligibility
  4. Application for Funding
  5. Application for Funding - fillable pdf
  6. Funding Levels
  7. Appendix A - Examples of Restoration & Enhancement Practices
  8. Appendix B - Eligible Costs

Restoration Resources

Please note: Many of hese resources are from other jurisdictions. They may require some modifications to suit your local conditions in terms of climate, soils, and characteristics of rivers, streams, and wetlands . Please check government regulations that may apply to your project(s).

Beef Research School - Three Strategies for Riparian Area Restoration

Guidance for Restoration Activities in Riparian Areas

Tree & Shrub Planting with Lives Stakes

Live Staking & Joint Planting

Wetland Restoration, Creation, and Enhancement

Wetland Restoration and Rehabilitation

Wetland Restoration

Dam & Canal Safey Guidelines

Project Reports

Informing the Vermilion River Watershed Plan through Application of the Cold Regions Hydrological Model Platform, 2012

Vermilion River Water Supply & Demand Study, 2009 - Executive Summary

Annual Reports

Vermilion River Watershed Management Project Annual Report 2014-2015

Other Reports

Vermilion River Operations Review Stakeholer Committee Recommendation Report, 2000

The Vermilion River Basin Study: A Summary Report, 1974


Educational Forum August 12, 2015

Events Agenda

Vermilion River Watershed Restoration & Enhancement Project Launch, November, 2015

Educational Forum, August 12, 2015, Vermilion

Brochures/ Info Sheets

Info Sheet #1 The Vermilion River Watershed Alliance

Info Sheet #2 Project Overview: Available Funding for Landowners!

Info Sheet #3 Riparian Areas for Resiliency (complete)

Info Sheet #4 Riparian Areas for Resiliency (visual, abridged)

Call of the River

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Alex McFayden Remembers


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Vermilion River and major tributaries

Vermilion River water quality survey sites 2014



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