Funding Available!! Vermilion River Watershed


Are you a landowner in the Vermilion River Watershed (check MAP for watershed boundaries) with a project idea, but need some cash to get it done?
The North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance, partnering with the Vermilion River Watershed Alliance, will provide full-cost funding for wetland and/or riparian restoration & enhancement projects. 

Apply for project funding now!
Applications accepted till March 1, 2016.
Application materials and eligibility information are on the Vermilion River Watershed Page.

Example project activities include:

  • Constructing and placing habitat structures 
  • Removing non-native or invasive species 
  • Managing grazing by cattle and other herbivores 
  • (Your Idea Here!) 

For more information, see the Vermilion River Watershed webpage (listed above) or, contact Mara Erickson, Extension & Stewardship Coordinator (, 780-267-9658); or contact your county Ag Fieldman, Conservation Coordinator, or ALUS Coordinator.

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